It’s no secret that there is deep poverty and need in Portland. America’s health care system remains steeped in uncertainty, affordable housing in Portland is scarce, and the local homeless population is soaring to record highs. Thousands of Portland residents are uninsured, while others are under-insured and unable to afford their out-of-pocket costs. Neglected care leads to worsening of chronic conditions, and severely impacts quality of life.
For the second consecutive year, on August 18th & 20th, 2017 Impact Your Health PDX will offer a free clinic — staffed by volunteer health care providers — to help as many people and families in need as possible. The following medical, dental and vision services will be available at the free clinic.  
Impact Your Health free clinics offer free dental care, general medical care, and health education services to uninsured and under-insured people in the Portland metro area. 


  • Sports physical for children
  • Diabetes screening
  • Illness diagnosis and                 referrals
  • Health education


  • Fillings
  • Extractions
  • Cleanings
  • Restorations


  • Comprehensive eye exam
  • Free prescription glasses           (takes six weeks)
  • Chaplains Services

Additional Services

  • Massage Therapy
  • Hair Cuts
  • Medical Consult
  • Foot Washing
  • Photo Booth
  • Back To School Supplies
  • Community Resources
  • Children’s Ministries
The free clinic will be first-come, first-served. There will be one service per visit.